Ideas in movement

Novatel is “ideas in movement”,a dynamic project, creative organization, concrete and specific. At Novatel the business model, procedures, knowledge are constantly debated.At Novatel, their staff evolves and plays the game of the future with seriousness, object and improvement focus.


A valued partner

Novatel has expertise and experience in the electronics industry and EMS services. Our strategy is to completely dominate the technology and to be at the forefront of new developments in engineering, production and testing of electronic boards. An ideal partner to deal with and overcome tomorrow’s challenges.


Creativity and Concreteness

Creativity and concreteness are Novatel’s guide lines. Creative and innovative enterprise model rendering. To go beyond the schemes, to be ahead of time. "Think" and "Make" beyond the common habits. Defining objectives, timings, resources. Learning form history, to consolidate the future. When it comes on competence and results we, at Novatel, compete in both.


Customer centrality

To our company, the customer is prominent in every aspect of the activity flow. Our corporate flow is aimed at the customer satisfaction, thus enriching more and more our offering. Response speed, efficiency and effectiveness are constantly monitored to consolidate the relationship with the clients and proactively collaborate in strategic and operative choices.


NOVATEL offer their qualified customers engineering services for various applications.

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High level of quality and services, with very quick reaction times.


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Fixing faulty units ensures savings and it’s environmentally responsible.

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Novatel is amongst the main players in the Italian and European EMS business. They’re active in the Electronic Contract Manufacturing services and deliver integrated services spanning trough board assembly, design, engineering and production of electronic products/systems.

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